I Want Drugs

by Erin Saoirse Adair

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I Want Drugs

Maybe I’ll suppress this
I know that I’ll regret this
I haven’t got my cheque yet this week
I know I’m not supposed to
I should be spending it on food
But I’m stressed out, I want weed

I want Drugs ‘cause my boss is a thug
I want wine because I’m forced to work over time
I want cocaine I have to deal with crappy customers
I’m in pain, there’s no patience I can muster
I want beer because maybe I’m a boozer
I want cigarettes because my boss is such a loser
My boss is such a loser

They criticize my outfits
They tell me to commit
When all they do is demonize me
This work has no benefits
We work hard and the pay is shit
If we organize we’ll take what we need
These bosses are disgusting with their blatant union busting
When I’m scared I’ll lose my job, I want


You don’t even get short breaks
Every day is such a long day
The boss doesn’t pay his trainees
Perhaps you are interning
Can’t pay rent with what you’re learning
The boss makes you work hard for free
It takes a long time to get hired
Takes a short time to get fired
When you hate your job you don’t have the means

These bosses make me rage
With their measly minimum wage
And because of inflation, I want


My boss is such a loser
My boss is such a loser
My boss is such a loser

When you’ve got a student debt
You’ll be paying ‘til you’re dead
You won’t ever get a job with your degree

When they try to raise tuition
Raise your voice and fight the system
You will not submit to their fee

While they’re busy patronizing
You’ll be busy unionizing
In the end we’ll all get what we need

The boomers fuck our generation
While we’re forced into starvation
And because of this shit, I want



released April 11, 2015
written by Erin Saoirse Adair
engineered, mixed and mastered by Dean Watson
Drums by Jensen Grant



all rights reserved


Erin Saoirse Adair Ottawa, Ontario

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